Mission, Vision and History

mission Statement

MOBILE, empowering people with disabilities and Veterans to pursue a quality of life. 

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a world without barriers, where everyone is given the opportunity to fully participate in society.  


In 1980, The Mid-Ohio Board for an Independent Living Environment (MOBILE) “Disability Resource Center” was established by a group of disabled independent living advocates as a Center for Independent Living. Immediately after President George H. Bush signed the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990 funding became available to establish more Centers for Independent Living throughout the United States. MOBILE, located in Central Ohio, continues to serve as one of the twelve “Centers for Independent Living” within the State of Ohio. For over 35 years MOBILE has worked in partnership with many local Key Stakeholders, National, State, and Federal agencies to bring about greater access and parity for disabled persons. Many victories throughout several the decades have been accomplished because of MOBILE’s advocacy efforts.